What is Glutanex?

The Glutanex Kit is an unprecedented way to obtain clear, smooth and lighter skin.

It is derived from glutathione, which is a mineral that our liver naturally produces. This is thought to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diabetes. Glutathione itself is comprised of three main minerals: L-Glutamate, Glycine and L-Cysteine. The L-Cysteine, which is also found in fruits and vegetables, is believed to be the powerful component which makes glutathione such a potent, powerful, beneficial antioxidant.

As a pioneer in the field of skin brightening and whitening, we have mastered the craft, and have used the glutathione to create a kit that is the byproduct of years of accumulated expertise in the field. No skin whitening system in existence has the power and effectiveness of ours – we our proud to have perfected the skin whitening process, giving you the lightest, smoothest, clearest skin on the market.


The Glutanex Kit is proven to be the world’s most powerful skin whitening and brightening treatment worldwide. With the use of just one kit in one month, studies have shown that it will make your skin exceptionally clearer, smoother and lighter.

Glutanex Kit

This kit contains 15 Glutanex Mask sheets and 100 Glutanex Tabs, to be used for a total of one month.

Glutanex Mask

Made from pure cotton, Cupra masks are significantly stronger than materials like bemliese. It holds an excellent amount of serum and sticks perfectly and softly onto skin.

Glutanex Tablets

1) Tested and approved by MFDS (KFDA) 2) High Potency ingredient, for medicinal use 3) Pure Glutathione

Medical Benefits

Glutanex Medical Benefits
What are People Saying?
I'm a research junkie and I make sure I read everything regarding my skin. I have been using black market bleaching cream for 15 years and it has completely destroyed my skin. My skin looked discolored, uneven, and very plastic like. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, but now I'm seeing clarity with the Glutanex vitamins after only 3 months. My hands are much more even as well. I think everyone with skin damage from bleaching cream should try this 100% natural approach. This product really saved my confidence!
Juditha L.
I have been using Glutanex for two months for anti-aging purposes. I am a woman of a certain age and I wanted vitamins that will help with my wrinkles, liver, kidney, an overall skin, and I look and feel great. Thank you Glutanex!.
Rebecca C.